My Neighbor Alice’s Focus On The Long-term Price, Vision & Financial Health Reinforces Investment Thesis

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My Neighbor Alice
Cloudy with strong winds of volatility and showers of investor fear. While the crypto weather forecast isn’t the best, My Neighbor Alice Chief Product Officer (CPO) Riccardo Sibani and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lenny Pettersson sat down to discuss financial health of the My Neighbor Alice project. Read along to discover how Alice finance team makes sure it’s always sunny in Lummelunda.

Lenny: When it comes to the My Neighbor Alice Team and the organization around it, we’ve never been in a better state. We’ve been working really hard to both scale up and optimize the organization. We are close to 50 people right now and we are still actively recruiting. The current impediment of the crypto markets is not affecting our plans to keep strengthening the team. We have a long-term plan and a long-term vision in place and we believe executing on that basis is the best way to go about it.

Riccardo: We plan what we spend. We have a lot of people working on a project that’s quite big. We did scale the team up and we need to keep growing to ensure a good final product delivery.

Lenny: The best way we serve those who are both financially and emotionally invested in the project is to deliver on our long-term vision for it. What we are trying to build is something sustainable on the long run.

Riccardo: One of the duties of our finance department is to guarantee that the project isn’t subject to the ups and downs of the crypto markets. Of course, this could be frustrating for the investors but in the end we want to deliver a good product, and by product we don’t just mean the game; it’s a whole universe. We see all the fluctuations in the current market but we can only influence the price in the long-term, and we can do that only by making a great product. Influencing the price in the short term would not only be incorrect, it would be fraudulent. Of course, we lose money when the price of Alice goes down but our finance team has made sure that we have enough funds to work for a really long time.

Lenny: We knew about the volatility of the crypto markets so it was something we were prepared for. Our finance team made sure to mitigate those risks to give our team the space and peace of mind needed to bring the project home.

Riccardo: A lot of the time spent working on the project is spent in isolation. We close ourselves from the external world and work as much as we can. We’ll soon be releasing our Alpha Season 1 (end of Q2) which is one of the pre-tests for My Neighbor Alice. Hopefully then, the fruits of the money committed to our projects will be visible and the trust of the community will be rewarded. The whole process is taking more time than what people expect because we are laying the foundations to be able to develop and deliver new features faster in the future. It would be easier for us to create one feature and harvest the money but we are trying to build a game that’s much larger in scope than what’s usually done in the blockchain community. We are taking a game first approach although we are a blockchain company. This will be obvious to everyone in a month or so.

Lenny: Besides the actual game. We are adding several important pieces to the ecosystem. One is the in-game marketplace, the other one is our own game launcher. The game launcher is something that isn’t only important for My Neighbor Alice but its greater ambition is to be the launcher used for more games on the Chromia platform. We are really excited to tell you more about this in the coming weeks.

Riccardo: What we can say is that we are creating a whole ecosystem. The launcher will be the first product to be released and sets Chromia and My Neighbor Alice as a leader in the crypto gaming community and will allow anyone to put their product on the blockchain and enter the world of decentralization. We are doing it to circumvent the limitations of Steam since they literally banned us. We are underdogs and we wouldn’t have it any other way since it forced us to make our own marketplace, our own game launcher and even our own NFT standard with Chromia Originals. We will succeed through hard work and perseverance.

We are underdogs and we wouldn’t have it any other way since it forced us to make our own marketplace, our own game launcher and even our own NFT standard with Chromia Originals.

Lenny: We take control of our own fate. We don’t wait for anyone to solve it for us. We go and do it ourselves.

Riccardo: Faber est suae quisque fortunae is a Latin adage re-discovered by the humanists during the Renaissance. It means ‘ Every man is the architect of his own fortune’ and it has become the motto of the My Neighbor Alice team.

The Road Ahead

Click here to discover My Neighbor Alices’ roadmap.

About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a social online game with focus on resource gathering, crafting and creative expression. Players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards along the way.

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