Make Money With My Neighbor Alice- Blockchain P2E Crypto Game

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Wondering how you can earn while playing My Neighbor Alice? There are multiple ways to monetize your efforts.

Farming (or hiring other’s to farm your land for you)

The land plots are represented by NFTs sold via lotteries. One of the benefits of getting land is that you can grow crops on it and sell them to other players. If you don’t want to plant or grow crops yourself, you can rent out your land to another player and earn rental income.

Using the abilities of your animals

Another kind of in-game NFTs are animals. You can acquire animals through animal adoption events. Animals can craft new things from other resources. There are specialized crafting abilities in every animal, some of which are more rare than others. Crafted items are generally more valuable to trade with due to their uniqueness. 

Taking on jobs posted by others

Your first money may come from jobs posted by landowners if you do not own any land or animals yet. Lands and animals need water, food, and attention. Your help is valuable to land owners because well-kept lands are more productive and animals are more skilled at crafting.

Resource arbitrage

Travel around the various lands, discover new creations, farms, animals, and items. You may find that certain resources are cheaper in one location compared to another location. If you come across such opportunities, you to act as a merchant, buying and selling goods across the world and making profit.

Animal ownership and rental

Once you have earned enough money doing jobs or as a traveling merchant, you may want to get into the world of animal ownership. You can own animals and have them live in land you rent from another player. Once you own animals, you can craft your own resources, and sell them on the market. Additionally, when you are not using your animals, you can outsource their capabilities to other players.

Designing and crafting unique items and fashions

While trading commodities gets you a good price, bigger and better opportunities come from crafting and designing unique items. These one-of-a-kind items can be worn by players to show off their unique style. The more interesting looking a design is, the better price it can fetch on the market. Because every item of clothing that you create is a unique NFT, you can trade these with other players.

ALICE Token is the native token for the My Neighbor Alice game and has bullish price predictions.

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