Chromia’s Relational Blockchain Enables User-friendly DApps & Next Gen NFTs

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Chromia Relational Blockchain NFTs
Chromia is a relational blockchain – a combination of a relational database and a blockchain – making it easy to develop user-friendly decentralized apps for almost any industry, including DeFi and gaming.


Rell is a new programming language created by Chromia that combines the best aspects of Kotlin and SQL in a blockchain-optimized package. By programming in Rell, developers can program up to 10x faster compared to other modern blockchain languages.

Relational Blockchain

From the very beginning, our platform was designed to function as both a blockchain and a relational database – hence the term ‘Relational Blockchain’. This allows Chromia to query and handle data in a far more elegant fashion than existing blockchains, without relying on secondary protocols (i.e. The Graph) or centralized servers. The result is enhanced decentralization and an improved end-user experience.

Most users of EVM chains are familiar with the lag that can occur between on-chain transactions and the data displayed in block explorers and dapp interfaces. With Chromia, this problem is eliminated because data is indexed instantly when transactions are confirmed.

For a technical perspective on this topic, check out these Twitter threads written by our CTO, Alex Mizrahi.


Our blockchain can allocate resources across provider nodes, enabling Dapps to obtain the storage and computational power they need in a decentralized fashion. This drastically reduces the cost of running Dapps compared to other public blockchain platforms and offers developers a resource provisioning model similar to what cloud providers (e.g. AWS) offer, without problems arising from centralization.

ICMF (cross dapp communication)

Inter-Chain Messaging Facility will allow every Dapp on the Chromia network to communicate with each other, streamlining asset transfer and opening exciting possibilities for cross-dapp experiences.

Scalability Without Compromises

On Chromia, every Dapp exists on its own subchain capable of delivering ~500 transactions per second. If a Dapp grows, it can add more chains to its container, or even run multiple containers on multiple clusters. Due to this, applications scale dynamically in order to keep throughput high and fees low regardless of network traffic. In addition, chains resist Sybil and spam attacks by incorporating dynamic rate limiting. This offers users reliable and inexpensive access while preventing bad actors from clogging the network.

You may have heard stories of other blockchains having obscenely high gas fees or even being brought to a halt due to a coordinated attack, trendy game, or a hyped NFT drop. Our design ensures that one single Dapp can not disrupt the rest of the network.

Innovative Fee Structures

On most blockchains, the person who creates a transaction must pay the gas fees (no matter how expensive!). While Chromia will also offer this functionality (with very low fees, of course), it is not the only option.

For example, Dapp developers may choose to rent computational power on the network and then charge their users a monthly fee to play their game. Players will then be able to enjoy the game without worrying about transaction fees.

Next Generation NFTs: Chromia Originals

Chromia Originals is our next-generation NFT standard that will allow for several new features not found anywhere else. We have a great PDF rundown of Originals here, check it out!

Not Just for Gaming

We have been gaining momentum in the gaming and metaverse space over the last year, with notable gaming projects My Neighbor Alice, Mines of Dalarnia, Revolve Games, and Chain of Alliance.  However, Chromia is a general-purpose blockchain platform that will be capable of running whatever developers can think up!

Some notable Dapps in our ecosystem pipeline include Corite (music democratization platform), StadioPlus (sports memorabilia NFTs), Hedget (decentralized options trading), Lingon (logistics and provenance tracking system), and LAC Property Chain (land registry).

OK, it sounds great! When can I use it?

We are currently completing the final development milestones that will culminate in the launch of our mainnet. To stay up to date on the latest developments and announcements, follow our social media channels!

I am a developer interested in building on Chromia – where can I start?

Visit Chromia  developer page for information and resources. They are currently running an incubation program as well as a Metaverse grant program.

About Chromia

Modern society runs on data and every online service you’re using is built upon underlying databases – ranging from your online bank to music streaming and gaming. Chromia is a relational blockchain – a combination of a relational database and a blockchain – making it easy to develop user-friendly decentralized apps for almost any industry, including DeFi, gaming, land administration, and much more.

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