Chromia Cross-Chain Communication | Third Party FT3 Audit For CHR & NFT Protocol

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Chromia Blockchain

The technical roadmap for Chromia has been updated to provide more clarity regarding the final developments before the mainnet launch.

  • ‘Cross-chain communication subsystem’ (aka Interchain message facility, or ICMF) development is coming along nicely, and we anticipate its completion in April
  • ICMF will enable seamless data transfer across all chains running on Chromia, a rare feature in the smart contract platform market
  • Our FT3 token standard has been submitted for third-party auditing in preparation for mainnet
  • The FT3 standard encompasses native CHR tokens, fungible tokens (similar to ERC-20), and our non-fungible token (NFT) protocol (in combination with the Originals asset description layer, which hosts NFT data/metadata on chain)‌‌

Development Updates‌‌

Roadmap and statement from Alex Mizrahi, CTO –

The ‘TLDR’ of Alex’s statement is: “we have an overall plan, but it is not possible or practical to give an exact order or exact completion dates because the development process is unpredictable”.‌‌

Chromia is Migrating from Bitbucket to Gitlab‌‌

In order to improve operational efficiency, Chromia’s development team has made the decision to migrate several projects and development branches from Bitbucket to Gitlab. For those who like to follow development directly, you can now keep tabs on both sites to stay up to speed.‌‌

Technical Roadmap Updates‌‌

Cross-Chain Communication Subsystem (ICMF) is nearing completion!‌‌

The interchain messaging facility is one of the key pieces of our mainnet vision, which allows seamless communication across every chain on our blockchain network. This is a significant and exciting milestone for our development team, as there are only a few projects (all of them are in the top 30) with similar technology. We anticipate that the majority of ICMF coding will be completed in April. In next month’s development update, we will go further into depth about the capabilities and applications of ICMF to illustrate how it gives Chromia a unique value proposition in the cryptocurrency landscape. ‌‌

FT3 Audit (new)‌‌

FT3 is Chromia’s token standard which will support all fungible, non-fungible, and native CHR tokens on the Chromia network. The code and libraries behind FT3 have been sufficiently built out and tested, and we have sent them for third-party auditing to ensure that the operational security of the standard is ready for mainnet.‌‌

Containerized Resource Management‌‌

Development on Resource containerization is ongoing. Node resource management is heavily tied together with the components recently added to the roadmap, which are described below. ‌‌

Directory Chain (new addition)‌‌

The Directory Chain is responsible for the coordination of the Chromia network as a whole. It stores all information needed to run the network, such as a list of providers and nodes and configurations (code) of all blockchains on the Chromia network. The ability to look up in the directory chain enables secure cross-chain interactions.‌‌

Hierarchical Anchoring (new addition)‌‌

Chromia nodes are arranged in clusters that run blockchains. Hierarchical Anchoring allows the headers of all the blockchains within a cluster to be serialized and committed to an anAnchoringn, which can then itself be committed to a system-level anchoring chain or further to an exterAnchoringchain such as Ethereum. This solution allows our anchoring to scale to an almost unlimited number of clusters.‌‌

Notable News for March 2022‌‌

  • At the beginning of the month, we published this article outlining some of the features that will make Chromia’s blockchain platform stand out in a crowded market
  • Alfred Persson (ChromaWay developer) and Nils Fohlin (ChromaWay solution architect) made an appearance as project ambassadors at SWSX in Austin, Texas from March 11-to 20
  • Chromia shared this article, which details ChromaWay’s advancement to Phase 2 of the EBSI Pre-commercial procurement
  • Chromia’s CFO Ebba Theding made an appearance on Episode #47 of Bitcoin-Podden, discussing the topic of blockchain gaming
  • Chromia announced their sponsor status for Miami NFT week from April 1-3
  • Chromia and Corite co-sponsored the Miami Rooftop Sessions 2022 Live Stream
  • My Neighbor Alice released an updated Roadmap, which includes several exciting milestones, activities, and incentives for our token holders and players
  • Chain of Alliance launched its testnet on a Chromia sidechain at the end of March‌‌

Coming up in April 2022‌‌

  • Miami NFT Week is April 1-3 – Chromia will be sending a group that includes ChromaWay’s Todd Miller & Joel Satin, Workinman Interactive’s Keith McCullough, and Corite’s Jake Hernandez
  • ChromaWay’s Chief Solutions Officer, Zara Zamani will speak at Paris NFT Week on April 12th
  • Chain of Alliance Alpha playtesting
  • Further news and announcements as they become available!‌‌

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