My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 1 Launch | Land Owners Can Test Fishing & New Game Features

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My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 1, aka the ‘Season Of The Timber Coast’ will be released on June 30 and will remain opened for 4 weeks for the Lummelunda Archipelago land owners to enjoy.

With Alpha Season 1 introduction My Neighbor completes another milestone on their roadmap.

What’s new?  

– Upgraded graphics, you’ll want to check the gorgeous new town 

– Lively sound experience 

– New features, including fishing 🎣

– Ability to visit one’s land plot 

– Ability to finish a quest 

– A brand new SSO launcher and its crypto wallet 

– Different land resources for every plot 

Reminder: testing the Alpha Season will only be possible for those who own land. 

Nota bene: Progression and items collected during the Alpha tests will be lost at the end of the Season (Except for the main quest progression)

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