Metaverse Land Investments & Prices : Decentraland vs. The Sandbox vs. Somnium Space vs. Cryptovoxels

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Metaverse real estate is booming already. Influencers including Snoop Dogg, PwC, JP Morgan, and HSBC have bought virtual land for use in business and other purposes. Investors have taken the bull by the horns and that trend isn’t likely to end anytime soon.

That being said, it is still early, and there are so many opportunities for investors to find a way to get exposure to the metaverse, regardless of their budget.

In this article we explore a just a few of the many of opportunities for both big and small investors to get involved in some of the top virtual worlds available today.


Opportunity: District Land
Price: 110k MANA
View this Sale: Here

Decentraland is made up of both private and district land. Districts are community-themed areas located around the map, and they currently occupy large areas. As the number of land owners increases, it has become increasingly difficult to buy a large estate (a group of adjacent lands).

However, with some districts now selling off areas to private investors, there are still plenty of deals to be had. A perfect example is this 15 parcel estate located in a premium area of the Fashion Street district. Looking at current market rates, this is very competitively priced and likely won’t be on the market for too long until somebody snaps it up, as it’s the perfect opportunity for any fashion brand to make a big play.


Opportunity: New Islands
Price: From 0.7 ETH
View New Land Auctions: Here

Cryptovoxels continues to release new land opportunities each week, yet amidst all the commotion in NFTs it seems to be getting overlooked somewhat. Prices have been as little as 0.7 ETH recently, and trades for a well-located plot of land on a newly raised Island.

A bargain considering not so long the floor was around 2 ETH. The current floor on OpenSea is 1.06 ETH at the time of writing. Opportunities for both investors, flippers and creatives to get a little slice of the metaverse at more than reasonable prices.

Somnium Space

Opportunity: Waterfront Locations
Price: From 7.42 ETH
View on OpenSea: Here

Ever since the Somnium Space land sale, land parcels by the waterside have been priced at a premium. It’s easy to see why as they offer extra build space (you can build on a portion of the water) and also house the most breathtaking views.

Recently, prices have begun to drop and there are certainly some great opportunities to own some prime real estate. A perfect example would be the 14 ETH medium-sized parcel, right near the center of Somnium, and with beautiful views overlooking the harbor.

The Sandbox

Opportunity: Land Adjacent to Estates
Price: From 1.6 ETH
View an example on OpenSea: Here

It almost feels like everybody wants a slice of the metaverse to add to their NFT portfolio. As with all metaverse investments, they do carry a certain degree of risk, so we always recommend you DYOR. We are still very much in the early Alpha days and the possibilities are endless.

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