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Leading centralized exchanges have been expanding their initiatives in the NFT space in 2021. Binance, Coinbase, FTX and, have released different variations of adoption of the emerging NFT niche. launched their NFT Magic Box marketplace in 2021. Since then, the platform has made great strides as the global NFT market has grown rapidly. Below are key NFT Magic Box achievements in the past few months.

Over 100,000 NFTs sold

Since its launch, NFT Magic Box has enabled the sale of over 100,000 NFTs, with more than $4 million in profit for traders. At present, NFT Magic Box sees an average of more than $800,000 in monthly volume, with users able to perform trades using either its ‘buy now’ instant sales or through auctions.

NFT Magic Box has collaborated with more than 100 unique NFT projects, with the most popular collections on the platform being OpenPunks, Losercoin, KAWs and DreamVerse – each with over $500,000 in profit on the platform. NFT Magic Box has also collaborated with famous athletes such as Allen Iverson, with plans for more partnerships in 2022.

Social media and campaigns

The NFT Magic Box team has built an extensive social media following, with more than 13,000 followers on its Twitter account alone and over 20,000 followers on other social media platforms. During the course of 2021, NFT Magic Box hosted many promotional campaigns including the European Championship 2021, which ended up so popular it was launched for a second time.

Besides promotional campaigns, NFT Magic Box has also launched several support initiatives such as the Art United Digital Artist Support Program, with $1 million in funding to help artists and creators in the NFT space. Additionally, the platform recently launched its initial NFT offering (INO) platform – an industry first that will allow artists to sell a select few artworks to early investors. The recent Art United NFT charity auction also helped raise funds that were donated to Heifer International.

2022 and beyond

Going into 2022, NFT Magic Box continues on a path to cater to and support artists and creators in the NFT space. Besides planning collaborations with celebrities and the expansion of the INO platform, NFT Magic Box will partner with Gate Ventures to provide funding for emerging projects, ensuring promising, quality projects are featured on the platform.

Through its Art United support program, the platform already has over 20 exhibitions planned in an effort to support and grow the NFT space, while giving artists exposure to a whole new generation of art enthusiasts. Furthermore, the company aims on focusing more on large sporting events such as the upcoming Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup – so, mark your calendars and get ready to collect.

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