Coinbase Adds Low Cap DeFi Crypto Tokens CELR & STG To The Listing Roadmap

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With crypto markets consolidating, Coinbase adds two under-the-radar altcoins built on Ethereum: Celer Network (CELR) and Stargate Finance (STG) to the listing roadmap. Both tokens trade at 90%+ below all time high. 

The Coinbase listing roadmap consists of crypto projects that are currently being considered for the exchange’s lineup of supported assets.

In an announcement, Coinbase says it has updated its roadmap with the addition of Celer Network (CELR), a scaling platform designed to enable off-chain transactions in a secure manner.

Celer Network aims to be a “multi-blockchain operating system” that offers a one-click user experience as well as a variety of tools for developers.

Native utility token CELR can be used for staking to facilitate the network’s consensus mechanism as well as to pay fees.

Celer Network has experienced some choppy up-and-down price action over the past week, currently in the red by 2.39% and trading for $0.018



Also added to the Coinbase listing roadmap is Stargate Finance (STG), a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol whose bridge enables the transfer of native assets across different chains. By eliminating the need to send wrapped tokens, Stargate Finance makes the process of swapping cryptocurrencies simpler and more efficient.

Native token STG can be used to stake on the Omnichain protocol and earn rewards while ensuring that the liquidity pool has sufficient capital to facilitate the cross-chain token swaps and achieve “instant guaranteed finality.”

At time of writing, Stargate Finance is down by 4.54% and priced at $0.43. STG remains up 7.5% from a weekly low of $0.40 last Thursday.


Coinbase’s listing roadmap was originally created to increase transparency by “providing as much information symmetry as possible” and to communicate with the market before deciding to list an asset.

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