Can Crypto Trading Bots Really Earn Passive Income 24/7?

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Are bots a 24/7 passive earning machine?

Yes and no.

While the coin market is a 24/7 market, that doesn’t mean it generates money every minute or even every hour.

And sometimes, you won’t necessarily earn profit every day.  Especially if you’re a HODL investor.

There are 3 factors that will determine your success with earning passive income with bots:

1.  Your Strategy For Your Funds
2.  How The Market Is Behaving

3. The System You’re Using To Navigate The Market

Let’s dig into each one…

1.  Your Strategy For Your Funds

Before you start one single bot, you have to decide what your goals are.  Are you looking for an additional $500/mo?  Or are you looking to retire with six figures in capital in the next couple of years?

Depending on what your answer is will determine what you do with bots.  If it’s the former, then you can get that depending on where you’ve started your bot.

The downfall however is that to capture those funds a lot of times, you have to stop the bot.  Which means you lose the original entry price.  One work around might be to go into the actual exchange you’re trading through and sell off a portion of the token the bot is trading.

If it’s the latter however, then you’ll need to compound those funds – which might not work depending on what you’re picking to trade.  (Don’t worry, I’ll cover this in the next couple of emails)

2.  How The Market Is Behaving

You can control what you pick to trade using your bots, but you cannot control how the market behaves.  Your bot is just a small speck in crypto universe.  So the only thing that matters is what the market is doing.

Not what you think it should do.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to try and flow with the market.  If most people are buying, then you should buy and vice versa.

Until your skills become advanced to the point where you can spot reversals in the market, flowing with the market is the best way possible to ensure your trading success with bots.

3.  The System You’re Using To Navigate The Market

There are MANY systems available to use with trading the markets that helps you determine entries and exits…however you only need one that works.

Why?  Because systems make things predictable.  Systems are what makes profits, NOT people.

And people MANAGE systems.

If you don’t use a system, you’ll be all over the place and what should be a simple automated trading setup will turn into a world of anxiety for you.

Don’t fall into that trap.  A lot of what needs to be done in the market is simple.  Yet, we complicate it.

If you can get clear on these 3 factors, then you can exponentially increase the odds of success in your favor.

Now, If you were to imagine the perfect business, it’d basically be hands-off...

You’re the owner.

And all day, every day, you have people working for you, generating income for you and your business.

Even better, you never have to deal with employee complaints, requests for time off, HR issues, and other headaches that come from running a business.

Each bot is like an employee, working 24/7 in the crypto markets to generate income in a unique way. But unlike most employees, they just do what they’re told and never complain!

Are you willing to “do nothing” to generate passive income?

Seriously, I think so many of us grew up thinking that money has to be “hard-earned.”

And “hard work pays off.”

Which is why I think most people can’t handle the idea that there are actually ways you can “do nothing” — or pretty dang close to it — and generate income.

Dan Hollings — the millionaire crypto entrepreneur behind The Plan — has discovered one of those “do nothing” income strategies.

But he insists — you actually do close to NOTHING once you set it up.

He spends a few minutes setting up his crypto income strategy. Then, his version of doing nothing is playing guitar.

These automations he sets up are designed to run 24/7 to generate income for him.

And while he comes back and checks on them from time to time, many run for weeks or months without him actually doing anything.

A few minutes of work, then it’s passive income.

So Dan sits on his couch, playing guitar.

Dan shared that he’s now made over 3 million dollars just from this “do nothing” crypto income strategy.

In his upcoming training Dan Hollings will share his passive income approach for crypto in 2022/23.


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